Quiz Registration

Quiz Guideline

1. All the members participating in the quiz should be registered delegates of the Conference.
2. There could be maximum of 2 teams /College and it’s mandatory to have 3 members/ team. The same members whose names sent in the application form are allowed to participate and no swapping of team members other than specified are allowed during the Elimination round of QUIZ.
3. Preliminary round or Elimination round would be conducted 1 day before or approximately 1 hour on Specified time before the Final QUIZ which will be informed by the organizing team. This Preliminary or elimination round is a written test that consists of 30 Questions preferably MCQs to be answered with in 30 min. The marks allotment and time for 1st elimination round is the decision of QUIZ Master.
4. In case of a `TIE` during Elimination round, there will be an immediate tie breaker rounds until Four teams are selected or final round .
5. Please note that, maximum of 2 teams/College is to encourage as many interested PG students as possible, but at the time of QUIZ Finals, only 4 teams will be selected and from different colleges.
6. In case of two teams of same college enters final round, only one team will be permitted and the swapping between the two teams for final three members is permitted
7. In case of two teams of same college enters final round, the next team in the merit list from a different college will be selected till 4 finalist teams from separate colleges are there for the podium finish for the QUIZ FINALS.
8. Finalists will be announced only at the start of QUIZ FINALS and no prior intimation is given. In case of absence of team (all the three 3 members/ team), the next team representing another college will be called. The DECISION OF QUIZ MASTER IS FINAL
9. Swapping of members in the team is permitted if only any of the members are involved in the conference proceedings at the same time such as paper presentation.
10. Its only with the prior permission of the Head of the Department to allow Swapping of the students, to get the best 3 representing a single team/COLLEGE (In case 2 teams from the same college qualify for the finals.).
11. Preliminary rounds and QUIZ FINALS : Date and time will be updated on the website.
12. `NO` mobile or communication by electronic media/ or by any means is allowed. The participants can’t carry any electronic device during the elimination and final rounds. Any such activities would invite` immediate disqualification.
13. The decision of the QUIZ MASTER is final and no verbatim entertained on and off the floor.
14. The organisers are at discretion to allow more number of teams from each college depending upon the registration of number of teams and delegates
15. On spot registration and participation of the teams is at the discretion of organising teams.
16. Please download the mandatory registration form(Bonafide Document). Click here

Scope of the Quiz
* The Final QUIZ will be will be conducted only on topic related to `ORTHODONTICS & DENTOFACIAL ORTHOPEDICS` within the purview of MDS curriculum including all preclinical and clinically related topic . It also includes History, who’s who with visual rounds also. It contains matching questions, Multiple choice questions as well as rapid fire round.
* There will be one round on current affairs (general Knowledge) in Final quiz.